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Audits- How Food Companies Can Prepare

Recent increase in the interest of consumers in safety and quality of food has seen the development of various food safety and quality standards. It is no news that many companies struggle to meet these standards due to financial, economic and knowledge constraints. Audits play a fundamental role in verifying that standards are adhered to […]

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Hormones Used To Hasten Or Slow Down Senescence In Food Crops.

The current population in Nigeria is at 198 million, with continuous increase in population projected reach to over 400 million by 2050, Nigeria requires steep interventions to increase food production to ensure food security. Senescence, a term used to describe the natural process of age related deterioration in plant development has been identified as an […]

    Food Health Systems Advisory is a leading consulting firm that provides a ‘One Stop Shop’ for solutions that reduce food related health challenges and maximises the economic value of the food and agriculture sector in Africa.
    Serving as an advisor, we offer services in food safety and quality management, training and research, crisis and complaint management outsourcing, product development, and agribusiness. Our expertise is in food safety, nutrition, agro-processing, food security, food trade, food laws, and compliance.
    We envision sustainable development in Africa where communities have regular access to safe and healthy food


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