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Tomato is one of the nutrient-dense foods grown in Nigeria. Its value chain has huge potential for investment with great return on investment given that current demand far outweighs supply; a demand gap of over 500,000 metric tons of tomatoes currently exists. However, the tomato value chain in Nigeria is currently faced with a lot […]

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The United States Food and Drug Administration (U.S.FDA) on 18 February 2018 issued a ban on the importation of smoked fish from Nigeria. Certain technical and administrative issues led to the ban. The USA remains one of the largest oversea markets for Nigerian fishery and aquaculture products. U.S.FDA has well defined standards and guidelines for […]

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Mergers and Acquisitions in the Nigerian Food Industry

The Nigerian food industry has recorded several mergers and acquisitions (M&As) in the last few years. Notable among the M&As include the acquisition of the beverage operation of GSK by Suntory Foods; Olam’s acquisition of BUA Flour and BUA Pasta; acquisition of Chi Ltd by the Coca-Cola Company; acquisition of May & Baker’s Noodles Factory […]

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FOOD IMPORT AND EXPORT: Regulatory Issues and WTO Agreements

This article discusses the SPS and TBT measures and Agreements and takes a critical look at the impacts of these measures on food import and export. Increase in food production, changing taste and consumption patterns coupled with advancements in transport technology have greatly increased the volume of food entering international trade. In response to this, […]

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Key Challenges Faced by the Nigerian Food Industry in 2018 and Remedies

The Nigerian food industry comprises of predominantly smallholder farmers, few multinationals, many small and medium enterprises, inconsistent and inefficient raw material distribution and supply chains and a largely informal market. The industry clearly represents Africa’s biggest market for food and other edible products. In 2018, packaged foods performed well in Nigeria apparently due to the […]

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Pesticide Use in Agriculture: Implications for food safety

Pesticide use in agriculture is a very old practice that dates as far back as 2000 BC. Elemental Sulphur dusting was the first known pesticide, used about 4,500 years ago in ancient Mesopotamia [1]. Since the use of pesticide generally enhances yield, increasing demand for food has led to the use of higher, and often […]

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Waste Management in the Food Industry

The food industry utilizes processes and operations that easily generate wastes in copious amounts. These wastes occur in different forms and readily cause nuisance problems when not properly managed. Examples include peels, spent grains, suspended solids, effluents, vegetable trimmings and cuttings. Using relatively simple to high technologies, food wastes can be converted into useful by-products […]

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Management of Cyanogenic Glycosides in Cassava

Cassava is an easy-to-cultivate and drought-tolerant root crop accounting for much of the calories consumed by approximately 500 million people in tropical and subtropical regions of the world [1]. It is one of the most important staples consumed in Nigeria. However, cyanogenic glycosides (linamarin and lotaustralin) are present in large amounts in all parts of […]

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